Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Churchill, Chamberlain and the Little Chamberlains

Gary Fouse

In the 1930s, Great Britain produced two figures who played a prominent role in the history of world events. Both were prime ministers, Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill. Chamberlain has gone down in history as a symbol for appeasement for his shameful role at Munich surrendering the Sudetenland (which belonged to Czechoslovakia) to Nazi Germany. Churchill was arguably the greatest leader of the 20th century.

Now we have a second Munich looming as Barack Obama and his secretary of state John Kerry are hell-bent on making a treaty with Iran that will lead to the fanatical, terrorist state eventually having a nuclear weapon. Thus, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to Washington this week and delivered a memorable speech against this dangerous folly.

While Netanyahu takes on the role of Churchill, Obama and his followers are acting like petulant Chamberlains. Our feckless president, who can't hold a candle to Netanyahu, has stated that the latter's speech didn't add anything to the discussion. Meanwhile, State Dept. Spokeswoman Jen Psaki (who is about to move to the White House) added to her litany of nonsensical statements by accusing Netanyahu of twisting Kerry's words.

What did Kerry not say, Jen-"Peace in our time"?

And, of course, there is tired old Nancy Pelosi, who said that she nearly cried during the speech because it was so insulting to America's intelligence-or some such twaddle.

Sorry, Nancy, but somebody has to insult the intelligence of American leadership when it comes to Iran, terrorism and international affairs in general.

This week has once again outlined the sharp difference between Netanyahu and Obama. The former is a man who has fought for his country, lost a brother in the Entebbe rescue in Uganda, and is acting like a world leader in defending his country from a very real existential threat. Obama, meanwhile, is showing what he really is, a community organizer with a radical worldview tilted toward the Arab world, who could care less if Israel, a state he views as inconvenient, were wiped off the face of the map.

It is a curse that America has such a president at such a dangerous time.

Christian Warriors from U.S. Fight in Iraq

A former U.S. soldier, who calls himself the "King of Nineveh," is interviewed in Iraq, "in a makeshift military headquarters." He says he wants to "keep the church bells of Iraq ringing:"

"Jesus tells us what you do unto the least of them, you do unto me," said the 28-year-old from Detroit, who served an extended tour in Iraq in 2006 and 2007 and asked for his surname not to be published to protect his family at home. "I couldn't sit back and watch what was happening, women being raped and sold wholesale." 
So in December he travelled to northern Iraq, where he joined a growing band of foreigners leaving their lives in the West behind to fight with newly formed Christian militias. The leaders of those militias say they've been swamped with hundreds of requests from veterans and volunteers from around the world who want to join them.... 
Brett's group, Dwekh Nawsha, which means "self-sacrifice" in Aramaic, the ancient language spoken by Jesus, has only six Westerners among its 200 Iraqi Assyrian Christian fighters. But Emanuel Khoshaba Youkhana, the secretary general of the Assyrian Patriotic Party, which funds the group, says more than 900 other foreigners have been in touch to find out how to joinRead more  at Stars & Stripes.
Note the word "Assyrian Patriotic Party" in the paragraph above.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jeb Bush's Immigration Remarks at CPAC 2015

Sean Hannity interviewed Jeb Bush on the CPAC 2015 stage on the issues of immigration and Common Core. The following transcript is Bush's comments on immigration.

Don't miss what he had to say about the "100,000" that invaded us from Central America last summer. We should have told them it wasn't safe to come here, and if we had explained it to them, they wouldn't have come, said Jeb. I suspect our government was complicit by encouraging someone, somewhere, to make that invasion happen. Are we really to believe that it was not a coordinated effort?

A couple of points:

1) Jeb Bush has praised the U.S. Senate's "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" bill, which DID NOT secure our borders. You'll remember in that bill, the pathway to citizenship was put on an accelerated path, and then-Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, was the sole authority on declaring our borders secure. To support Homeland Security's sole authority is to hand our nation over. Where was/is the push to bring our governors into determining border status?

The Senate bill also allowed, as Jeb referred to it, deep "petitioning," of those family members who could immigrate on the coattails of the illegal in America. In the interview with Hannity, he said only spouses and children should be allowed in, but the Senate bill he supports allows many other family members to cross, including felons. Under the Senate bill, an alien could have two drunk driving offenses. A third might trigger some response. Under the Gang of 8 Senate bill, an alien is allowed three fraudulent passports before a crime is committed.
Under the Senate bill, border patrol would be moved to the Department of Justice's Human Rights Division (same division that allowed the New Black Panther Party to skate on voter intimidation charges in Philadelphia, during the 2008 presidential elections). Where is that discussion?

Bush encouraged Senate Gang of 8 members, Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ), to "stay the course."

I’m actually very pleased with the ‘Gang of Eight,...
2) I haven't heard Jeb ask why the Senate has refused to take up the many House bills on immigration.

3) Where is the discussion of why it is NOT a felony to cross illegally into the U.S., or to overstay a visa?

4) Where is the discussion on visa reform?

BEGIN PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT: Jeb Bush on immigration at CPAC 2015

HANNITY: When you were governor, you said:
"Yeah, they broke the law, it's not a felony, it's an act of love." You also said you support a path to citizenship. When you were governor, you supported drivers licenses for illegal immigrants and you supported in-state tuition prices for those children of illegal immigrants. 
BUSH: In [my] book I talk about the need to enforce the borders. A great country needs to enforce borders for national security purposes, public health purposes, and the rule of law. First and foremost we have to do that. Secondly we need a narrow family petitioning so that it's the same as every other country, spouses and minor children, not this broad definition of spouse, minor children, adult siblings and adult parents, that crowds out what we need, which are economic driven immigrants. Those who come here to work, to invest in their dreams in this country, to create opportunities for all of us, and that's what we need to get to. 
The plan also includes a path to legal status. I have not seen anybody, and I know there's disagreement here--some of these people are angry about this, and, look, I kinda feel your pain....The simple fact is we are not going to deport 11 million people, We should give them a path to legal status, where they work. They don't receive government benefits, where they don't break the law, where they learn English, and where they make a contribution to our society. That's what we need to be focused on. 
HANNITY: I asked Senator Rubio of Florida this same question. We always hear about spending cuts and tax increases. We always get the tax increase. We never get the spending cut. The Congress has tried comprehensive immigration reform, and it has failed. We now have a crisis going on with Homeland Security and the President's executive orders. My question is, why not secure the borders first, once it's verified secure...? 
BUSH: Let's do it. Let's do it, man. 
HANNITY: Then talk about...
BUSH: So instead of having a political argument about this--the president did use authority he doesn't have. %he courts are going to overrule that. I've been consistent about that. Let's control the border. There's nothing wrong with that. That's what a great nation has to do. There's nothing that holds back the Republicans to put a comprehensive plan in place to do that.
The simple fact is, this nation needs to start growing at a far faster rate than we're growing today. We have to be young and dynamic and aspirational again for all the young people in this crowd to be able to get a job, a purpose and meaning. We need to change the subject to high-sustained economic growth.

HANNITY: Do you agree with conservatives that say Congress should not pass a Homeland Security funding bill that would fund the president's illegal and unconstitutional amnesty.
BUSH: The Congress ought to pass a bill that does not allow him to use that authority.

HANNITY: And they should stand their ground?

BUSH: Look, I don't know. I'm not an expert on the ways of Washington. It makes no sense to me that we're not funding control of our border, which is the whole argument. I'm missing something. The simple fact is the president has gone way beyond his constitutional powers to do this, and the Congress has every right to reinstate their responsibility for what law is about.

HANNITY: One-hundred thousand people came from Central America. We all watched over last  summer. Should they be sent home? Yes or No?

BUSH: I thought they should have been sent home at the border, to be honest with you, because it would have's the deal, the humanitarian thing to do would have been to consistently say, from the beginning, don't risk your lives crossing as young people. Don't pay the gangsters in Central America money from your family members in this country to come all the way across and just get into the country and be processed. Now, with our broken system, it may take three or four years to even begin to process them. Send a clear signal that this was a dangerous thing to do, and the wrong thing to do, and it would have stopped the flow. We did that, as it relates to, in Miami, Florida. That's exactly what Bush 41 did, as it related to Haitians, and it stopped the flow of people, and people didn't lose their lives trying to come to this country.

HANNITY: Right now at this point, the country at this moment in history, we have 50 million Americans nearly in poverty--nearly 50 million Americans on food stamps, the lowest labor participation rate since the 1970s. I want you to connect it to immigration. Shouldn't Americans have the opportunity for those jobs first? You say, go to the back to the line, but if they go to the back of the line, they still get to stay here and compete for those jobs?

BUSH: You either believe that the pie is static, that's the Left's point of view. Many on the Right don't agree with that, but with their policies, they imply it. Therefore, we're splitting up...someone's benefit is someone's else's detriment. I believe we ought to be focused on growing the economic pie, and growing it at a rate that looks more like the '80s in America. Growing it closer to four percent, not two percent. If we stay in this anemic economic rate, then your argument becomes valid, but if we grow at four percent, there's going to be opportunities for all. It's not a zero-sum game. That's not how Republicans and conservatives think. We don't think it's just all about the government divvying it up for us to get our crumbs. We believe we should pursue our dreams as we see fit, and the more people doing it with the capacity to achieve our success, the more economic growth will take place.

HANNITY: As governor, do you stand by the decision, driver's licenses for illegals?

BUSH: Didn't happen. 
HANNITY: Didn't happen, but you tried. And the other decision about in-state tuition hikes for children? 
BUSH: I do. I do. In fact, that was the--the in-state tuition was passed this year by one of the most conservative state legislatures, and a conservative governor signed it into law this last year.
So, no answer from Jeb on driver's licenses for illegals. When the opportunity arises, we must him give us that answer, and ask how he can support the passed Gang of 8 bill. See the entire video here.

SEAL Team Six Confiscated Docs From Bin Laden Deep-Sixed By Obama Administration

The documents SEAL Team Six confiscated the night they killed Osama bin Laden in his Abbottabad compound, were deep-sixed by the Obama administration. Not interested, al-Qaeda's decimated, the war's over.

The U.S. government captured more than one million documents during the May 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Top administration officials initially described it as “a treasure trove” of intelligence on al Qaeda and its affiliates. But more than three years later, the senior DIA official who ran the project, Colonel Derek Harvey, says the intelligence community has fully analyzed less than 10 percent of the collection. Top DIA officials were told directly to stop providing analyses based on the bin Laden documents. The administration had decided to end the war on terror, and no amount of new intelligence about threats from al Qaeda was going to change their minds. So they chose ignorance.

Colonel Derek Harvey retired from active duty in 2006. He served as a civilian advisor to General David Petraeus. St. Louis Today described Harvey as "regarded by many as the single most-informed  American on military developments in Iraq." In 2008, Harvey warned President George W. Bush that a dangerous Sunni insurgency should be expected:
By several accounts, a startled Bush asked Harvey how he could know that the Sunnis were planning a “popular insurrection,” when dozens of more-senior officials had given assurances that no such thing would happen. Harvey, who speaks Arabic, responded that he had spent time with sheiks, tribal leaders and Sunni people listening to their anger and plans to retake power after what they saw as Saddam’s mismanagement of the war, while advisers painting a rosy picture hadn’t done that.
Harvey was passed over for promotion, which led to his retirement.
“Harvey is hands down the very best intelligence analyst that the United States government has on Iraq,” says former Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Jack Keane. “He has been right from late ’03 all the way … up to the present...
[Newt] Gingrich says both Gen. John Abizaid and Gen. George Casey, when they led U.S. forces in Iraq, told him that Harvey “was the most knowledgeable person on Iraq that we had.”
“He retired as a colonel … and yet he goes back again and again to Iraq to continue to determine plans for victory,” Gingrich said, calling Harvey’s efforts “simply stunning.”
In speaking of Derek Harvey, Major General (Ret) Barbara Fast said, “..the best strategic intelligence officer in the U.S. military.”  She went on to say that he led “…the most effective “Red Cell” effort that has ever been conducted in a major theater of war.” Read more.
On September 9, 2014, Stephen Hayes wrote:
A couple things went wrong: For one, the Obama administration seems to have tailored the limited amount of documents it made public to reinforce a particular narrative crucial to its political interests — that al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which came to be known as “core al-Qaeda,” had largely been defeated....
The second issue is some bureaucratic infighting: The CIA allegedly jealously held onto the documents, churning out hundreds of reports soon after the intelligence was captured but refusing to let other intelligence agencies have a look. The Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency and intelligence analysts at the U.S. military’s Central Command (“CENTCOM”) were desperate to delve into the documents, but it took months to get access to the raw intelligence. Read more.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

America Trashed by Professor in UC Irvine Event

Gary Fouse

On Monday evening the Muslim Student Union of UC Irvine culminated its Islam Awareness Week with a  speaking appearance by UCI Professor of Film and Media Sohail Daulatzai. His topic was the life of Malcolm X, who is Daulatzai's ultimate hero. It was an hour and a half of a sickening trashing of America by a man who came to this country as a boy from Pakistan. This was the second time I have listened to this man tear apart this country. It is not pleasant listening, but  like the previous time in May 2013, I felt it was important to attend, videotape it, and report it. Of course, as always, the MSU tried to prevent me from filming. However, I politely asserted my rights and filmed it anyway.

Prior to the event, I contacted the campus police and advised them I was attending the event. Over the past year, I had been assured by the UCIPD that I had every right to videotape, that they had been in error last year when they prevented me from videotaping a speech per the request of the MSU, and that all student organizations had been advised of the videotaping policy at UCI.

Nevertheless, as Daulatzai was being introduced to the sparse crowd of about 35 MSU students, the young lady moderator announced that recording was not allowed and anyone attempting to record would be asked to leave. I promptly raised my hand and politely informed her that this was a public event and that the right to film was absolute and had been affirmed to me by the campus police with whom I had just(again) consulted. The event began and I commenced to record. If the video shows the back of a head of a student in front of me that's because the young man sat in front of me in an attempt to obstruct my view. He only partially succeeded. However, it is the audio-the words- that matter.

About 30-40 minutes later, a young MSU student approached me and politely asked me to cease recording. I once again explained my right to film and showed him a brochure with the UCI policy that allowed the public to videotape as long as it was in compliance with UCI policy 900.30, of which I also had a copy. The young man said that section 900.30 had a portion which allowed the sponsoring organization to ban videotaping. (If that is in there, I sure can't find it.) At any rate, I politely suggested that he consult with the UCIPD and that if a campus police officer instructed me not to film, I would cease. He agreed and left. No campus police officer ever came into the room. I continued to film assuming that the UCIPD had explained the policy to him. As stated, I have been advised by UCIPD that all student organizations have been advised of the UCI videotaping policy. Either the MSU didn't get the memo or they tried to get around it. On Tuesday, I contacted the UCIPD and related the events. They responded that they would reach out to the MSU.

It is hard to summarize what Daalatzai said over the course of 90 minutes (including q and a) because he rambles on all over the place. He also has a very noticeable verbal tic, in which he ends his sentences with "right?" In 90 minutes, he must have done it over 500 times. He is also a boring speaker in spite of the nasty things he says about this country.

At any rate, Daulatzai took his audience through the life of Malcolm X interspersed with three video clips of Malcolm's public utterances. Here are some notable things Daulatzai had to say: (I will be paraphrasing, but the video is there.)

He said that Martin Luther King was about to leave the civil rights movement when he was assassinated because he had given up on America. He had reportedly stated at some point that he was afraid they were "integrating into Hell". Daulatzai also seemed to imply a connection between King's coming out against the Viet Nam war and his assassination.

Daulatzai spoke of an understanding between civil rights leaders and the government during the Cold War in that they (civil rights leaders) would support the Cold War in exchange for civil rights reforms for American blacks.

He also claimed that Patrice Lamumba, the Congolese leader who was ousted from power and executed in 1961, was murdered and cut into pieces by the CIA. Did you know that?

"Yeh, I did."

Well, perhaps, but even Wikipedia has a more sober account.

Of course, there were the requisite references to Ferguson, Chapel Hill, Eric Garner et al. As to Chapel Hill, Daulatzai proclaimed the murders of three Muslim students as a hate crime. Did you know that?

"Yeh, I did."

He must have an inside source with the police investigating the case.

In reply to a question on how different (ethnic) parts of the Muslim community could come together, Daulatzai again rambled all over the place. He started talking about Iraq!! He talked about how our military killed ("by conservative estimates") 500,000 Iraqis. He quoted other estimates that said 1.2 to 1.3 million Iraqis were killed by our military. Of course he did not qualify that by saying anything about the number of Iraqi troops or later insurgents who were killed in battle, nor did he say anything about Iraqis killed by post-invasion insurgents. The impression left is that the US military killed 500,000-1.3 million Iraqis- period.

I wasn't going to ask any questions during the q and a, but toward the end, he invited comments, so I raised my hand twice. Of course, I was ignored. Here is what I would have said:

"I am old enough to remember Malcolm X and recall when he was assassinated. Malcolm was killed by the Nation of Islam on the orders of Elijah Mohammad because he (Malcolm) had left the NoI, had publicly criticized it and was exposing the corruption and sexual abuses of Elijah Mohammad. (Daulatzai had praised the NoI in his remarks but papered over the fact that they had killed Malcolm.) Furthermore, history has shown that those like King who followed the path of non-violence have been proven correct while those who preached violence have been proven to be wrong. Malcolm X, for his part, did nothing to advance integration in this country. Finally, to the young people in the audience- in spite of all our dark chapters and mistakes in our history, America is still the greatest and freest country in the world, and it does deserve your love and loyalty in spite of what the speaker has told you tonight."

I doubt that would have made much of an impact. As we prepared to leave, the young man who had been sitting in front of me told me I needed to get a life.

This man Daulatzai was probably not even born when Malcolm X died. He didn't live through the civil rights era in America. Yet he implied that the civil rights movement accomplished next to nothing and that the conditions for black Americans have not improved since those days. Not having lived in America through that era what frame of reference does he have other than what he has read in books or been told by others?

It is sad and alarming that our universities have professors like this (of film and media, no,less) who
are putting these ideas into the minds of our young people-especially young Muslim students. Daulatzai, for better or worse, has his right of free speech, and he is entitled to his opinion about America. That right also includes the rights of the public to attend public events and record what is spoken at those events. As a teacher, I do not videotape students or what they say. I only begin my recording when the event's speaker begins. The public has a right to know what is being said in public speaking events on public university campuses.

So here it is. It is long. It is boring. The visual quality is less than optimal.There are a couple of brief snippets missing (at the beginning and end) because the memory card was being changed.  But I hope the reader will take the time to listen to it because it is that important to be aware of what our students are being taught in American universities.